Reading List: Online

For right now, for later, for endless repetition, for a quick reminder:

Grammar & usage:

The Comma Queen, a webseries by Mary Norris of The New Yorker
“Tense Present: Democracy, English, and the Wars over Usage”, the first version of David Foster Wallace’s essay “Authority and American Usage”
Bryan Garner on podcast The Moment Garner discusses Wallace’s essay


“Socks”, by Janet Malcolm
“Raw and Cooked”, by Tim Parks

On writing and writers:

“The Thoreau of the Suburbs”, by Diana Saverin
“Dear Sugar #64: Tiny Beautiful Things”, by Cheryl Strayed
“The Art of Fiction No. 176”, interview with Amy Hempel
“On Pandering”, by Clare Vaye Watkins
“The Art of Memoir No. 1”, interview with Mary Karr
“The Art of Fiction No. 40”, interview with Vladimir Nabokov

Always worth a visit:

The Los Angeles Review of Books
The Public Domain Review
Lapham’s Quarterly
Jacobin Magazine
N+1 Magazine
Guernica Magazine
Arts & Letters Daily